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August 24 2011


Sony announces new cameras and lenses.

This morning, Sony officially announced the long awaited A77, which replaces the now four year old A700.  The price is $1400 body only, about the same price as the A700 at introduction.  Also new is the A65, $900 body only (which is a stripped A77), a standard zoom, weather sealed 16-50mm lens (24-75mm …

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August 23 2011


Review of Sony A35 is underway.

I’m still running this diminutive camera through the paces, but I do have the initial review started with a few product shots and specs, and some ISO comps to come later in the week.  The image quality and jpeg processing seems to be nearly identical to that of the Sony A580, although …

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August 21 2011


Minolta prime lens list prices from ‘back in the day’.

Check out the suggested retail prices of most Minolta prime lenses from long ago, I’ll post the zoom prices in a few days as I complete the table.

The prices below were culled from period publications, and receipts sent in by readers.  I’d like to thank Bruce from parts …

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August 19 2011


Sony HVL-F56AM flash review.

The HVL-F56AM was the flagship flash for Minolta/Sony from 2000 until 2008, at which time Sony came out with the HVL-F58AM.  The HVL-F56AM is a feature-rich flash with plenty of custom functions, including modeling and multi-flash, a plug for an external battery pack, and a cable socket for Sony off-camera flash control.

For …

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August 17 2011


Visual Echoes Better Beamer Flash X-tender review.

Visual Echoes makes a slick, but odd looking devise that extends the working range of your accessory flash unit via a “Fresnel screen” placed at a fixed distance from the flash head.  Although the “Fresnel screen” is made from flimsy plastic, it really does work, but there are some limitations you …

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August 15 2011


Upcoming Sony A35 review.

Pardon my lack of updates this month; I moved to a new ‘studio’ last week, which took all week, and I wasn’t able to add anything meaningful to the site during this awful time.  The movers wrecked a few items, but I’m still able to operate at full capacity.  I’m all settled in now, and …

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August 09 2011


Newer work sample.

This image is one of several that I took featuring the design details and decorating of an expensive custom home to be used for a promotional website.  I took nine shots in about three hours, and that wasn’t enough time, I felt rushed.  The weather didn’t cooperate as you can see through the doors, but it …

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