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July 16 2011


Take your flash outside!

A Realtor called a few days ago and wanted some shots of this home, but they weren’t sure about what subject would be used for the primary advertising photo.  The house was nice, but most of the rooms had little or no furniture, and due to the way the home was situated on the site, …

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July 13 2011


70-300mm telephoto zoom comp page.

A quick comparison page has been posted with the usual boring, but still useful stamp crops, put
side-by-side, for those interested in the Tamron or Sony 70-300mm telephoto zoom lenses.  Both lenses have their pluses and minuses as far as sharpness goes, it all depends on the zoom setting and aperture.  The Tamron …

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July 10 2011


Another interior shot.

Here’s a sample shot from a real estate job using the Sony A580 and Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens.  This bedroom was really small, but nicely decorated, with custom shutters that I wanted to highlight in the closed position, which worked out well as that would hide the house next door.  Remember, you don’t want to include …

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July 9 2011


Reviews and other news.

The Tamron 70-300mm USD review is almost finished, and will probably be posted by Monday or Tuesday.  It’s a great lens but has some quirks.  Following the review by a couple of days will be the Tamron and Sony 70-300mm quick comparison, it’s interesting and a little surprising.

 I’ve started the Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 review;…

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July 8 2011


Cool product use video.

Check out this neat video from a big-time lifestyle photographer, Robert Caplin.  The 89 second
video covers shooting a specialty food dish at a NYC restaurant using a tiny, hand-held litepanels™ micro LED light, instead of blasting a flash and blinding customers, which is what I’d probably do.  Litepanels™ look like pretty cool products, …

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