July 7 2011 - Photo Jottings

July 7 2011


Sunpak PZ42X flash review.

The second flash review covers a nicely built, small, and full featured Sunpak model. The PZ42X Sunpak is the same flash as Fuji re-labels and sells for their HS-20 and top-line X100 cameras, the only differences are the hotshoe style and price; the Sunpak model costs $145, the Fuji, $230.

The Sunpak PZ42X is very similar to the recently replaced Sony HVL-F42AM. The Sony flash works great with Sony cameras, and using Radiopoppers triggers.  The Sunpak has shortcomings that will
probably make it a deal killer for most people.  On the bright side; the back display lights up and looks similar to an old Pontiac red instrument panel.
The Sunpak PZ42X flash unit for Sony doesn’t work properly with Sony’s live-view system; for some reason it defaults to full power blasts, and probably doesn’t recognize the live-view mode; it thinks the camera is in manual mode.  I have a feeling this flash unit was designed before Sony came out with its current live-view iteration.  If you have an optical viewfinder Sony camera, this flash is almost as good as Sony’s F42AM flash.  Forget off-camera flash work with Radiopoppers, the Sunpak won’t fire.
I would not recommend this flash unit for Sony users on a budget, there are other options that work properly, like this model.
Sunpak PZ42X S flash review
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