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Film, and Smartphone two-shot stitch comparison

I took some photos of this home last year, it’s kind of a dream home of mine, and I drive by every couple of years and take a snap, but I can’t afford to live there, or even buy the place, it was for sale recently at $2.75m, do a google drive-by if you like.  A few years ago I posted the first ‘Kodak Moment’ picture, and it was of this Earl Young ‘Storybook’ style home; I also updated the feature image.

Anyhow, when I was there I took a couple of shots with my Nikon 35Ti, and then a Samsung Note 8.  Both are two-shot stitches from almost the same perspective.  Of course, the 35mm film camera has much more resolution, but also the shadows are noticeably cleaner and more detailed, and I like the colors better, it reminds me of how it looked when I was there.  The Samsung Note 8 did a pretty good job, but the colors are just not to my liking, and the image has an oversharpened and somewhat blurry look.  I did take the pictures as DNG Adobe RAW files, and converted them, but it looks like Samsung is still heavy on the sharpening even as a RAW file, and it’s worse when taken as a Jpeg.

Both images are 4533 pixels wide, which is what the Samsung turned out to be after the stitch, but the Nikon was much larger at almost 6000 pixels wide, so I downsized the Nikon file to match the size of the Samsung.

So which one is the winner?  I like the Film shot, but the Smartphone did a surprisingly good job, especially for being not much more than an expensive toy.  Maybe in a few more years they’ll catch up to miniature film cameras like the 35mm Nikon I used here; but for now, they just aren’t there.

What a pretty home and lot!  Click images for larger versions.

I used the Nikon 35Ti and panned it to the left for a two shot stitch.  F/8, Kodak Portra 400.

Samsung Note 8, two shot stitch from DNG files, panned left.  The blurriness in the middle is from a soft area in the lens, and exacerbated by the stitch area.

That’s it for this comparison, thanks for stopping by!

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