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November 5 2010


Fun with the Kodak Duaflex IV!  I burned through a roll of Fuji pro 160C (120) atop Mt Lemmon a couple weeks ago.  The images below show about as much fall color as you’ll ever see here in southern Arizona, with mostly Aspen providing the yellow.  The top three shots were taken with the Kodak Duaflex IV with front …

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October 29 2010


I’ve been playing with the new A33 lately.  It’s pretty good, but I noticed it adds strong color fringing as compared to the A700.  Check out the samples below.  Look at the pink flowers on the left and the thick red fringing from the A33.  Both were taken at the same point, with the same settings using the CZ …

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October 18 2010


 People (for quite some time) have expressed displeasure with the reliability of my primary email address.  The problem seems to be that their messages are not going through.  Many people have had no problems, but just to make sure everything gets through from now on, I’m going to delete that address and use only the yahoo address, which seems …

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October 15 2010


Ok, I guess we’ve had enough Sony bashing for now, so let’s move on to more positive news. I think I’m going to buy the A33 (cheap and small) as a back-up camera(!) so I’ll let you know what I think of it after I run it through some tests, and see if the ghosting issue is a deal …

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October 12 2010


No one has time for a little pdf work? See post belowHere’s a letter to Sony from a German Sony user forum a reader sent me, I believe the author’s name is Marco.  Scroll down a bit for the English version.  It’s pretty good, but I doubt Sony will respond.  I’ve been answering quite a bit of …

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