October 29 2010 - Photo Jottings

October 29 2010


I’ve been playing with the new A33 lately.  It’s pretty good, but I noticed it adds strong color fringing as compared to the A700.  Check out the samples below.  Look at the pink flowers on the left and the thick red fringing from the A33.  Both were taken at the same point, with the same settings using the CZ 16-80mm lens.  The exposures are slightly different, with the A33 exposing about a third to half stop longer.  The background foliage is moving some in the wind, so the whole crop isn’t exact.  I also see the A33 has a Nikon D40 processed look, meaning a pinkish cast, although that’s easy to change with most PP software.  At longer lengths, like at 80mm, the differences aren’t so noticeable.  These are just initial thoughts, I’ll probably add more as time permits.

The 100% crops below were taken from near the far right side-middle, at F/5.6, 16mm 1/320sec
ISO 200 focused at the infinity hard stop.  
SLT-A33 on left, and A700 on right, CZ 16-80mm at 16mm, from far right middle area.
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