October 12 2010 - Photo Jottings

October 12 2010


No one has time for a little pdf work? See post belowHere’s a letter to Sony from a German Sony user forum a reader sent me, I believe the author’s name is Marco.  Scroll down a bit for the English version.  It’s pretty good, but I doubt Sony will respond.  I’ve been answering quite a bit of mail after my last post, and the clear consensus is; Sony’s current marketing strategy isn’t instilling confidence in semi/pro users, that’s no surprise though.  I’m sure many people (including myself) wonder why Sony doesn’t just stuff one of their new sensors in the current A700, change the firmware, and sell it, I’d probably buy one.  I don’t need all the fancy new stuff like video, live view and street sweeper mode.  I should say live view and an articulating screen are handy, but aren’t necessities.

Oh well, I’m just thinking out loud.

Let’s hope Sony gets on the ball quickly, otherwise I don’t think they’ll have much, if any market share in conventional DSLRs.  If they’re making crazy profits off the NEX system, and nothing on DSLRs, then I don’t blame them for shelving development on DSLRs, I just wish they’d let people know what their intentions are.  People will only wait so long.

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