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November 20 2008


It looks like the Sony (DSLR/accessories) unilateral pricing policy (June ’08) is making the executives sweat at night, and in an effort to avoid following in the footsteps of Konica Minolta, they’ve lowered the prices on most camera bodies, and nearly half of their lenses.  I’ve always thought Sony high-end lenses and accessories were over-priced, and it looks like …

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November 9 2008


Since the Sony 50mm F/1.4 lens review is the most popular page on the site, (I think I was the first one to review it a couple of years ago) I thought I’d post the full frame results as quickly as possible in case folks might be thinking about a stocking stuffer for themselves next month.  Bokeh and coma …

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November 7 2008


 By golly I finally finished the Minolta AF 28mm F/2 review, only a month late!  Sorry people, but blame it on Sony for being ahead (for once) on a release date—A900!  Speaking of which, I got the latest update for ACDSee pro 2.5 which handles the A900 ARW files, and found it gives better results than Image data converter,…

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November 2 2008


Looks like I’ve wrapped up work on the A900 review.   Check out the latest entry, which is a comparison of results between Sony’s Image data converter SR 3, and Adobe’s Lightroom 2.1 with ACR 4.6.   I will say that Lightroom is light years ahead of Sony when it comes to RAW processing.  Check out the last comparison on …

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October 28 2008


Has anyone noticed Sony has dropped the HVL-56AM flash unit.  I guess they replaced it with the more expensive HVL-58AM, go figure!  Hold on though before you bail for Canon, Sony has reduced the price of the entry level HVL-36AM to $199.  On the A900, you need the HVL-58AM to trigger wireless flash, so you need that unit and …

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October 26 2008


I’ve wrapped up most of the work on the A900 review.  I’m still having some trouble getting meaningful results with IDC, though I messed up when I said I was able to tweak a 1/3 stop of highlight recovery, my fault, I’m getting about a full stop.  I haven’t checked ACR yet.

Random thoughts; focusing is better on …

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October 23 2008


Fun with Indian Corn.  Instead of a camera strap, I have some Indian Corn to look at as we check out the details in the crops of the A900, as compared to the A700.  I’ve also figured a ratio for the A900 and A700 when you want to compare them using the same size crops.  The A700 has to…

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October 19 2008


I went on a hike this past week with the Sony A900, and managed a couple of decent shots using the Konica Minolta AF 17-35mm F/2.8-4 exclusively.  Go here for a fall color tour in the mountains near Tucson, AZ.

This lens works good, and produces sharp pictures, but man you won’t believe the flare and hosting, it’s horrendous!  …

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