November 7 2008 - Photo Jottings

November 7 2008


 By golly I finally finished the Minolta AF 28mm F/2 review, only a month late!  Sorry people, but blame it on Sony for being ahead (for once) on a release date—A900!  Speaking of which, I got the latest update for ACDSee pro 2.5 which handles the A900 ARW files, and found it gives better results than Image data converter, but not as good as ACR.  I also found the Minolta 28mm F/2 lens to be nearly flawless with the APS-C format, and almost as good with full frame, though you’ll see more light fall-off and softer corners, but ehhh, big deal.  It’s very sharp in the centers at F/2.8 through F/11.  The only drawback with this lens is the horrendous coma at F/2, check out the sample crops I have in the review.  It also suffers a little from flare and ghosting, but most of that can be prevented by using your hand to block the sun.  This is a perfect lens for inside stuff like museums and entertainment venues.
One last item; I’ll be putting the full frame results at the bottom of each lens review page (separately) to avoid any confusion with results from the APS-C bodies, and then I’ll only post samples which show significantly different results, such as light fall-off, corner sharpness etc. 
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