October 28 2008 - Photo Jottings

October 28 2008


Has anyone noticed Sony has dropped the HVL-56AM flash unit.  I guess they replaced it with the more expensive HVL-58AM, go figure!  Hold on though before you bail for Canon, Sony has reduced the price of the entry level HVL-36AM to $199.  On the A900, you need the HVL-58AM to trigger wireless flash, so you need that unit and at least the HVL-36AM, for a hefty $700!!  You can also use the off camera cable (FA-MC1AM) if you have the 56AM, it plugs directly in.  Other flashes need an off camera shoe, $49.  I used the wireless feature on the A700 for holding the flash in my hand to get the best flash lighting.  If you only use the flash within arms reach or so, and already have the 56AM, just get the cable mentioned above for $59, it has a coiled 5ft (1.5m) reach.

I’ve put back the Minolta 28mm F/2 review for next week since I want to continue the A900 review until I’m finished, which should be by the end of this week. 

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