October 23 2008 - Photo Jottings

October 23 2008


Fun with Indian Corn.  Instead of a camera strap, I have some Indian Corn to look at as we check out the details in the crops of the A900, as compared to the A700.  I’ve also figured a ratio for the A900 and A700 when you want to compare them using the same size crops.  The A700 has to be farther back due to the 1.5x crop factor, but not as much so because of the increase in megapixels.  You should use 1.0736 when figuring the distance for placing the A700.  That is, multiply your subject distance from the A900 by that amount, and you’ll know where to put the A700 for getting the same comparable image.  That figure is approximate, and should not be used for scientific studies or measurements.
New items on the Sony A900 review page (look towards the bottom) include comparisons in the following; details with upsized images, details with actual distance, crop factor samples, and the real difference in 12mp and 24mp.  I also checked to see if using the 13mp setting on the A900 would show any difference in noise abatement, it didn’t, a surprise.  Look for a comparison below the ISO crops.
I have plans for macro comps and RAW dynamic range shots coming up.  So far I’m not getting much more than a 1/3 of a stop of highlight recovery using RAW, which makes me want to ever shoot RAW.  Stay tuned for more.
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