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May 15 2011


Another A700 file photo.

Since there isn’t anything else worth reporting on right now, I thought I’d post another A700/sigma
10-20mm photo.  This outdoor residential curbside view is a result of a mistake. I was photographing the interior of this house with all the flashes set up in the room behind the front doors and hallway to the right,…

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May 12 2011


Sony CLM-V55 monitor quick review.

Did you ever wish you could have a better, and bigger main LCD on your camera, one that makes it easier to focus and compose on? The Sony CLM-V55 is one such product.  This screen is great for old folks that can’t see too well anymore, or anybody else that has problems seeing …

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May 9 2011


ColorChecker quick review.

I’ve whipped up a quick review of the X-rite Color Checker.  This little chart is handy if you want to get your picture colors close to what they were at the scene originally, and have no white references to go by inside the image, like wall switches, towels or trim mouldings etc.  I use …

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May 3 2011


Get Mom something other than flowers or a boring card for Mother’s day!

Sony still has some deals going on through mid-month, must be they didn’t get hit as hard as Canon and Nikon by the quake.  If you’d like to get Mom a new camera for Mother’s day, the A55 would be a good choice, with the kit …

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