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January 18 2010


I get quite a bit of mail from people thanking me for helping them come to a lens buying decision, and it’s usually one that saved them money!   I always say you don’t need an expensive lens to make great pictures.  I’d like to thank the many contributers to the site, whether they made a monetary donation or helped …

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January 7 2010


The great Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 lens review is ready.  Once again I’d like to thank a kind reader, Steve from CT for making it possible for me to review the Tamron lens.  It’s a good way to help me, and others in the Sony/Minolta community.

The crops taken for the APS-C section in the review confirm my findings in …

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January 5 2010


Holy cow!  Some folks are actually counting the shadow width in pixels from each crop in my comp review, and drawing conclusions from the differences!!  Good Lord!  As I sit here in front of my cheap little windows computer laughing at it all, I can’t help but think some people would be better off participating in photography at …

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January 3 2010


Howdy!  2010 is here—thankfully, and this year I’ll have even more controversial reviews coming up, which leads me to the newest entry below! Due to recent inquiries concerning testing methods (relating to the 28-75mm comparison review below), I thought I might give concerned people some insight into my typical lens sharpness test methods to try and avoid any misunderstandings…

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December 31 2009


The Tamron/Sony 28-75mm F/2.8 comparison page is done!  Sony sycophants prepare yourselves to get pissed off at my results.  Remember, I don’t need to please Sony, help sell their stuff, or worry about retribution, so I’m not afraid to tell you what I think.  I added the Sony Carl Zeiss 24-70mm F/2.8 crops at the bottom, along with…

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December 28 2009


I’ve added the 75mm crops to the Tamron/Sony 28-75mm F/2.8 comparison page.  Some people are going to get mad when they see the crops, but I can assure you I re-shot the 75mm test sets several times just to make sure focusing was as perfect as possible on each lens.  I also evaluated the focusing speed and accuracy, …

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December 22 2009


I now have the Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 XR Di lens in my hands, and will start on the Sony/Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 comparison.  I see the front and rear of each lens looks identical, though the body of the Tamron is slimmer.  I’ll be doing a complete review of this lens, but since there is so much interest in the…

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