May 15 2011 - Photo Jottings

May 15 2011


Another A700 file photo.

Since there isn’t anything else worth reporting on right now, I thought I’d post another A700/sigma
10-20mm photo.  This outdoor residential curbside view is a result of a mistake.
I was photographing the interior of this house with all the flashes set up in the room behind the front doors and hallway to the right, and decided to do a quick check outside to see how the light was shaping up for the twilight shot that was to come after I was done with the interior.  Once I saw the light color and the reflections off the windows, I decided it was a great time to fire off a couple of shots in case I should happen to screw up the twilight shot!   I forgot to turn off the flash trigger, and the result of the flashes kicking inside made for some nice window lighting from my position.  Normally at this time, I would’ve been ready to start setting up for the outside shoot, but I decided I liked this image, and then worked the back pool area for the wrap-up.
There were no flashes outside, but I could’ve used two or three on the right side of the image to highlight that part of the house and landscaping.  I only had enough flashes at the time to do either the interior or exterior, not both at the same time, so there was no option for a perfect shot, at least what I thought would’ve been a perfect shot.  The left side entry light is burned out(!) so the light in the entryway isn’t symmetrical, but oh well, maybe I’ll remember to check the bulbs earlier next time.
I think I had about three flashes when I took this image, which is ok for smaller homes, but you really need six or more when doing one-shot interior/exterior photography of larger homes with nice landscaping and pool areas.
I’m not sure what the specs are for this photo because I don’t have the original file handy (and exif data), but I believe the focal length is 12mm, ISO 200 at about 4sec, F/7.1.
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