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November 2 2011


Get yourself an early X-mas present.

SanDisk went and lowered
the prices on its flash cards today.  Video junkies and serious shooters might want to check out the 32gb card, it’s $51.95 with free shipping.  I bought the same card last year for twice the price.  A very economical choice is the 16gb, $25.95, which records over 1000 …

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October 31 2011


Fall is here, and soon the holiday season! or (!)

I’ve been busy working on photo jobs, and trying to finalize the new website design, so that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately.  Everything seems to be on schedule for a roll-out at the end of the year, so hold tight folks.  Thanks to all the people that …

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October 20 2011


Accurate focusing is crucial for sharp shots using fast, telephoto lenses.

I added the images and text below to the Minolta AF 135mm F/2.8 review, not because this lens is different from other telephoto fast lenses, but to show people how critical it is to focus correctly for the sharpest shots.  The cropped images below were all taken …

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October 18 2011


Minolta AF 135mm F/2.8 review finally done!

Ok, no more nasty mail about why I haven’t completed the Minolta 135/2.8 review that I started about six months ago!  Note to self; don’t mention inventory and plans until time permits!

The relatively small and light-weight Minolta AF 135mm F/2.8 turned in a very good performance for a twenty-plus year …

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October 10 2011


Feedback and thoughts.

The new website idea received a very large and positive response, so it’s going to happen!  Thanks to everyone for the messages of encouragement. Hopefully I can find someone to build a good initial site to get started on, with maybe an integrated wordpress front page for social interaction, along with a few features I’m missing …

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October 3 2011


Jottings, and possible new website.

I haven’t been posting much lately as I’ve been busy with several projects, but hope to update when time permits. People are writing to ask about when I’m going to review more lenses for Sony cameras, including the NEX system.  I’m going to review all Sony “α” and “E” mount lenses as…

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September 26 2011


Sony A35 work sample shot.

Below is a sample shot from the new Sony A35, (review here) which I’ve been using and reviewing this past month.  This sample shot is indistinguishable from the A900 shot at medium to small sizes.  At full resolution there are differences noticeable between the two, possibly due to the different lenses …

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September 19 2011


Old Minolta zoom lenses prices from way-back.

Here are some list prices for most of the popular AF Minolta zoom lenses from the 1980s and 1990s.  The prices below were culled from period publications, and receipts sent in by readers; see the 8/21 entry for the prime lenses.

The first column lists the lens model with appropriate designation, like …

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