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Many pages updated.

I’ve fully updated the ‘Recommended accessories‘ and ‘Recommended cameras and lenses‘ pages.  Again, the products on these pages aren’t on my ‘wish list’ or stuff I think is neat; they’re what I use daily for work, or for adding to this website.  All of the products listed I own, or have owned in…

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Canon Powershot G1X review   

Canon has brilliantly achieved what Sony tried so hard to do in 2005 with the R1, and that is to make a large sensor, fixed lens camera that provides the same image quality of a DSLR, at the same price point or less.  However, Canon had a design constraint that Sony never had to deal with;…

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Sony NEX Fisheye converter review   

The Sony VCL-ECF1 is a cool little add-on lens for people wanting a fisheye experience using the Sony NEX system.  While this converter is not an optical masterpiece, it actually works well, and can be very fun if you know
how to use it.  It’s not for ‘getting it all in’ in a general sense,…

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Sony NEX 50/1.8 OSS review

The Sony NEX 50mm F/1.8 OSS lens is a welcome addition to the NEX family, producing sharp images with good contrast at nearly all apertures, very smooth bokeh, and almost no distortion.  While there isn’t really much to dislike about the lens, there are a few qualities I’d like to see improved.  One, the reproduction…

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Sony NEX-7 review

The NEX-7 turned in a great performance, especially when using high quality lenses, like the just reviewed CZ 24/1.8.  With that combo, the resolution is almost unbelievable!  Check out the review, and make sure you read the bottom part; that’s where all the good info is; the rest is basically an owner’s manual quick-start guide.

For …

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