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September 7 2011


New price updates, and bogus testing of A900 to A77/65.

I’ve fully updated all the new and used prices on the lens review pages and price guide.  The prices seem to have stabilized on the used market this year, so most items are marked ‘steady’ in the ‘trending’ column.  There are a few of exceptions, like the Sony 20mm …

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September 5 2011


When is ‘wide’ too wide?

This image is from the Sony A700; yes I promised to stop showing stuff from that ‘old’ camera, but I thought this picture could help illustrate the difference between wide, and too wide.

The shot below was taken several years ago shortly after I bought the Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens. Prior to that …

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September 3 2011


Massive Sony price increases on most lenses.

Sony has increased the prices on most of their full-frame lenses, up about 5-15% depending on model.  The more expensive models were raised about $200, like the 70-200mm, 70-400mm and 24-70mm, although the uber-expensive 300/2.8 did not get bumped up.  Camera body prices seem to be unchanged for now, as are …

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September 1 2011


Crazy surfing vid.

If you have five minutes to burn, check out this surfing video from the Billabong Pro Tahiti (Teahupoo) event this past week.  I don’t normally watch surfing, but this footage is pretty crazy, especially in the middle.  If you want to see a condensed version of this with mostly big waves, go here.


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August 31 2011


It’s been a while since I had a random thought or two, so here goes:

Now that the new Sony product hoopla has faded, I have time to reflect on some of the more important things that were announced, and some mysteriously missing products.

We now know where the center of the universe is for Sony’s camera division; the …

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August 29 2011


Huge ISO set for A35 and A580 comp.

I spent this weekend checking out the ISO performance of the Sony A35, and also against the A580 just for kicks.  The A35 does a great job at dealing with noise, and it’s pretty much a draw between the two cameras as to which one is ‘best’.  For starters, …

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