October 31 2011 - Photo Jottings

October 31 2011


Fall is here, and soon the holiday season! or (!)

I’ve been busy working on photo jobs, and trying to finalize the new website design, so that’s why I haven’t been posting much lately.  Everything seems to be on schedule for a roll-out at the end of the year, so hold tight folks.  Thanks to all the people that wrote in asking if I was ok, (yes, I’m ok, just busy), or if I decided to quite posting new stuff to this site!!

From now until the end of the year I’ll be periodically updating things here, starting soon with a list of things you might like to get yourself for Christmas if you want to take better pictures.  I’m going to recommend camera accessories mostly, like flashes and filters etc.  Right now, it looks like the only Sony cameras worth buying are the NEX-C3/5N, A35/55 and A580.  If you already have a modern digital camera such as the Konica Minolta 5D or Sony A100, you probably don’t need a new camera to make better images, you need more knowledge about composition and lighting, and that’s the primary motivation of my new website.
I may have a couple of reviews coming up before the end of the year, such as a flash head or lens, no promises though!
The colorful fall picture (same as X-mas colors) below was taken with the Panasonic FX-100 pocket camera, in the mountains north of Tucson, AZ.
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