November 2 2011 - Photo Jottings

November 2 2011


Get yourself an early X-mas present.

SanDisk went and lowered
the prices on its flash cards today.  Video junkies and serious shooters might want to check out the 32gb card, it’s $51.95 with free shipping.  I bought the same card last year for twice the price.  A very economical choice is the 16gb, $25.95, which records over 1000 RAW shots (941 est by camera) on my A580, (or over 2300 fine JPEGs).  If you’re on a budget, or just want a cheap spare card, the 8gb card is only $15.95.  All cards ship free in the US. If you have an older Sony camera which uses Compact flash, go here.   

Major price drops on Sandisk flash cards
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