November 14 2011 - Photo Jottings

November 14 2011


Site now fully updated.

Howdy!  Things are slowing a bit in the interior Photography world, so I’m back to spending more time on this website.  I now have everything updated, such as the lens chart, DSLR/SLT specs page, and the NEX camera specs page, the used price guide; and I’ve added a new page for the old Minolta AF original selling prices, because many people asked me to do it.  The new page is linked from the ‘miscellaneous’ page, under Minolta AF lenses original retail prices.  I also added to that a magazine ad image sent in by a reader that shows the prices of many Minolta AF lenses and a couple of cameras; I think it’s probably from the late 1980s and a NY city discount dealer like B&H, Adorama etc.

All the new Sony Alpha and NEX lenses will probably not be reviewed until after the new year.  Most aren’t available separately yet, or aren’t available at all right now.  I might squeeze in a Sigma or Tamron lens review before the holidays.  I’m planning a X-mas shopping list of items I find useful, at a good price, so look for that very soon.

I’m now working on a review of the Manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and Manfrotto 410 geared headBoth are offered here as a kit for the same price.  I bought both a few months ago, and really like them, especially with the current mail-in rebate price.

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