November 16 2011 - Photo Jottings

November 16 2011


Real Estate sample shot.

Here’s another sample shot from a Real Estate shoot.  It’s also similar to another shot from a few months ago, but I guaranty it’s not the same one!  Upscale homes in Southern Arizona almost always have a pool with a view.

In the boring top shot I had a house flood light at the upper left, and the fading sunlight to work with.   I could’ve used a longer exposure to better light the foreground, but the sky would be blown out on the right side.  In the bottom shot I used about 7 off-camera flashes to carefully light the pool perimeter.   The most important light was probably the one over the two lounge chairs, pointing
down at the pillows, you can see the additional shadow it created.

In post I cropped the image slightly, did a mild levels adjustment, and burned (darkened) the bottom left corner area to cover the white stained cool deck.  I should’ve moved the potted plant to cover that area a little, but I had three other twilight shots to do, all in about 20 minutes, so there was really no time nit pick the scene.  The time difference between the top and bottom shot is 10 minutes, that’s how long it took to get the final lighting configuration.

Specs: Sony A580, Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6, 15mm (22mm equiv), F/7.1, 3.2sec, ISO 200, Auto white balance. 

Available light only
Supplemental lighting
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