November 18 2011 - Photo Jottings

November 18 2011


Updated recommended products page.

I put up a new page to give you some ideas on how to make better pictures during, (and after) the holiday season.  Most items were culled from the other two ‘recommended’ pages, although I’ve added a couple of new items too.  Here you’ll find accessories like neutral density, graduated ND, and polarizing filters, flashes, and to a lesser extent lenses (farther down the page).  Pros use those relatively inexpensive items to make their pictures ‘pop’ but most amateurs aren’t familiar at all with when and how to use filters and flashes, my upcoming blog will explain all that soon.  This page is slightly different from the two other ‘recommended’ pages in that the new page is more for beginners, and most (but not all) products are inexpensive, but are a great value.

I’ve included a couple of cameras that I like, and think they’re worthy of purchasing, but here’s the thing: if you already have a good DSLR/SLT/NEX camera, and aren’t getting decent looking pictures, you don’t need to buy another camera.  Spending hours in photoshop trying to make chicken salad out of chicken s**t is pointless.  A new camera will take the same crummy pictures as your old camera.  Save your money for some important image improving accessories like the things mentioned above, plus some books on composition and lighting.
The recommended page isn’t my wish list; I don’t recommend stuff I don’t believe in.  Most
items on the new page I use daily or weekly for business and pleasure.  This isn’t dpreview where there are no actual photographers, just professional writers, (look at their samples gallery from a $10,000 camera), all the while recommending everything that hits their homepage.
My new website (coming soon) will be loaded with good ideas for helping you produce better photos, while spending little or no money!
Finally, I think I have a huge amount of useful information on Sony camera equipment and accessories, plus many general photography how-to articles.  I spend all my free time adding useful material to this site.  If I’ve helped you out, please consider donating directly, or use my links to B&H photo when you purchase something.  If you aren’t sure you want to buy something right away,
you can put the item in the B&H shopping cart; I’ll still get credit if you buy it later, thanks!
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