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July 31 2011


Another flash photo.

Here’s another before and after shot from a real estate job.  The house itself is not really anything special, it has a pool and small grassy area to the rear, which I thought would make a nice cover photo for the Realtor, instead of the boring front of the house.

There are a few landscape lights …

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July 29 2011


Now available for pre-order.

The Sony A35 body only and NEX-C3 with 16mm pancake lens can be pre-ordered now at B&H photo.  I’m not sure when they’ll ship, but if you want one soon make sure to get on the list.  Both are entry level cameras, so if you’re moving up from a point and shoot, the A35 would …

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July 27 2011


Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 review  Bonus comp at bottom!

The Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 was unveiled in 2010 with much fanfare, and is now available for the Sony “α” mount.  Samyang of Korea makes this lens, among others, but you may find it being marketed under half a dozen different labels.

Optically speaking, the Rokinon 35mm F/1.4 lives up to the …

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July 21 2011


Reviews and articles coming up.

I’m still trying to get the Rokinon 35/1.4 review finished.  Due to the monsoon season here in AZ, (thunderstorms and overcast skies), I haven’t been able to get the regular review shots together, but I’m still hoping to post it by early next week.

Also, look for a quick review of the Rogue flashbender

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July 18 2011


Sony HVL-F42AM flash review.

This flash is no longer available new, which is too bad, because it’s feature-rich with plenty of custom functions, and of course works perfectly with Sony cameras.  It has a fast full power recycle time of about 3 seconds, and at half power is almost instant!  They’re commonly available on eBay, and if you …

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July 17 2011



Links to stuff used in shoot below.


A few people want to know what equipment I used to photograph
the house front below.  For this shoot I used four obsolete Minolta flashes, but I’d recommend the Vivitar DF-293 (review here) as an inexpensive flash, especially for off-camera use.  Two 8′ light stands were used with

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