July 17 2011 - Photo Jottings

July 17 2011



Links to stuff used in shoot below.


A few people want to know what equipment I used to photograph
the house front below.  For this shoot I used four obsolete Minolta flashes, but I’d recommend the Vivitar DF-293 (review here) as an inexpensive flash, especially for off-camera use.  Two 8′ light stands were used with brackets, along with Radiopoppers™ triggers with adapters for the Sony hotshoe, but these may be just as good, and slightly less expensive, I’m going to check them out soon, and you won’t need an adapter if you use a flash with a standard
hotshoe like Canon or Nikon.  You don’t need Sony flashes with a Sony camera when using radio triggers.  The last
of the equipment used is the wonderful Sony A580 and inexpensive Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens.


Readers sometimes ask why I use a cheap lens and camera, as mentioned above, and not my A900 with CZ 16-35mm lens.  For the lens, see the 7/4/11 entry below, and the reason I don’t use the A900 is because it’s overkill for Real Estate,
(you don’t need 24mp) and burning through a $2700 camera once every year or two makes no sense when you factor in what Realtors
are willing to pay for a shoot.

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