September 14 2011 - Photo Jottings

September 14 2011


Sony NEX-5N in stock, and another work sample shot.

B&H Photo has the wildly popular NEX-5N body-only in stock, as well as the regular kits and new accessories.  I’d get the 5N over the 5 or the NEX-3 series.

Below is another work sample using the consumer grade Sony A580.  I use this camera when the client doesn’t have a need for huge enlargements, such as this spec house job highlighting the homebuilders interior details for a promotional website, not for print.

This scene has massive natural light from two huge windows, one in back and to the right, the other on the left side.  There were no curtains, so I had no control over the outside light, which ‘flattened’ or wiped out the contrast in the cabinetry and chair.

My hard work this day was trying to use supplemental lighting to bring back the details in the cabinets and chair.  Here I ‘raked’ light across the wood at a pretty hard angle, generally from the left to the right, and from top to bottom.  I also used a flash with grid to provide a little bit of light behind the small round table to make it stand out against the lower cabinet.  I did the same thing on the upper cabinets, but had to drop those in later (post processing) as it caused harsh shadows on other areas.  Finally, I hand-held a flash high up over the chair in the foreground to make it ‘pop’ with some much needed contrast.

This image is a tight crop from the original; there’s a small wall niche to the right with a neat floral arrangement, but I wanted to post the image this way to provide more details for my quasi tutorial.

I used about 4-5 bare flashes for this shot, no umbrellas or gels, and lowered the exposure and WB to make it more ‘evening’ like.  An interior designer added the props.  Specs are; F/7.1, 1/8sec,
20mm (30mm FF equiv) ISO 200. 

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