August 19 2011 - Photo Jottings

August 19 2011


Sony HVL-F56AM flash review.

The HVL-F56AM was the flagship flash for Minolta/Sony from 2000 until 2008, at which time Sony came out with the HVL-F58AM.  The HVL-F56AM is a feature-rich flash with plenty of custom functions, including modeling and multi-flash, a plug for an external battery pack, and a cable socket for Sony off-camera flash control.

For some reason this flash unit is now somewhat scarce, and seems to bring a high price at eBay and Amazon.  Don’t pay too much, like over $300-$350, otherwise you can get the HVL-F58AM for a little more at a discount, or the HVL-F43AM for about the same.

This flash works well with Radiopoppers™ triggers, without the set-up hassle of the HVL-F42AM.

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