August 15 2011 - Photo Jottings

August 15 2011


Upcoming Sony A35 review.

Pardon my lack of updates this month; I moved to a new ‘studio’ last week, which took all week, and I wasn’t able to add anything meaningful to the site during this awful time.  The movers wrecked a few items, but I’m still able to operate at full capacity.  I’m all settled in now, and ready for more reviews.

The newest addition to Sony’s SLT line is the A35, which will probably be Sony’s least expensive alpha camera when they dump the old, and traditional A390. I’m going to do a full review of A35, and will compare it to the A580 in ISO and overall image quality, because I presently have both, and why not since I like to do that sort of thing!
The A35 is now available with body only or kit with the 18-55mm lens.
Coming up this week is a ‘Visual Echoes Better Beamer flash X-tender‘ review, and a quick review of the Sony HVL-F56AM flash.
Sony A35
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