August 23 2011 - Photo Jottings

August 23 2011


I’m still running this diminutive camera through the paces, but I do have the initial review started with a few product shots and specs, and some ISO comps to come later in the week.  The image quality and jpeg processing seems to be nearly identical to that of the Sony A580, although I haven’t sorted through the high ISO stuff yet, or used RAW since Adobe doesn’t support the A35 yet, (I don’t like Sony’s IDC RAW, but may have to use it eventually).

Observed; the A35 is much smaller than the A580, mostly noticeable in the hand-grip, and it’s really small when compared to the A900, check out the second product shot. The battery for the low and mid-range translucent cameras is different from most of the regular Sony DSLR’s, so if you have several NP-FM500H batteries (A900, A700, A580 etc), you may want to step up to the Sony A580, otherwise you could spend the difference with buying a couple of back-up batteries for the A35/55.  The A580 screen is larger with a more useful area, and is slightly green in color balance with indoor lighting during preview, while the A35 seems to be factory trimmed to favor magenta.  Both look about the same in review when the same white balance is used.

My next post will be all the official news from Sony on Wednesday, so let’s cross our fingers and hope for some surprises!

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