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June 16 2014


The new site is ready!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the new site is up and running, click the pic below or here to see it.  I’ve posted the Sony 24-70mm F/4 lens review there, check it out now.  I’m no longer going to be posting anything here, however, I will continue to update …

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Welcome to my new site!

Welcome to Photo Jottings 2.0, a new and improved version of the old Photo Jottings!

A couple of years ago when I first started this site, I didn’t know quite what to do as far as where to put things, and how to format the product reviews and everything else; as a result I never really felt comfortable with it, …

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Kodak moment #2

For this installment of the Kodak moment we travel back in time to war torn Korea; near the village of Chonan; ca. 1952.  The four subjects are the children of Korean radio techs that man part of the Chonan (now spelled Cheonon) repeater station.  This station was reportedly built by the Japanese during the 1930s or 1940s; and was located …

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May 23 2014


Things are underway! 

It’s been quite some time since my last post, but I have been busy!  The new site has been built, and is pretty much ready to go.  I think it’s going to work out great!  Right now I’m trying to find the time to get some posts up so there’s something to look at when I…

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March 17 2014


Sony FE Zeiss 35/2.8 ZA review!

We’re headed for the end of March and I’ve just made my first meaningful post of the year!!  Yes, things are a little hectic right now, but I’m still working on the site.  If you’re bored at work, and have five minutes to spare, check out the review of the Sony FE 35/2.8

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