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Camera Review Updates

I’ve added some accessory updates to the Agfa Record III, and Pilot Super reviews.  I forgot to include the 37mm slip-on type hood and filters for the Record Solinar lens, and the carrying case when I first posted it.  And for the Pilot Super, by a stroke of luck, I came across an original reduction mask for 6×4.5cm pictures.  Of course, all that stuff is pictured in the product shots inside the reviews, along with eBay links.

Stay tuned for more camera reviews.  Believe it or not, the Kodak and Fuji single use cameras are always in the top 10, and quite often the top 5 of the most visited pages at Photojottings.  Unfortunately, the Kodak Powerflash HD is no longer available, so I’m reviewing the newest version called the ‘Funsaver’ to get things up to date.  Also in the hopper are the Olympus LT Zoom, Kodak Medalist II, Kodak Bantam Special, Ricoh YF-20 Super, and a few others, but not necessarily in that order.

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