2012.10 - Photo Jottings


Many pages updated.

I’ve fully updated the ‘Recommended accessories‘ and ‘Recommended cameras and lenses‘ pages.  Again, the products on these pages aren’t on my ‘wish list’ or stuff I think is neat; they’re what I use daily for work, or for adding to this website.  All of the products listed I own, or have owned in the past except for some of the cameras, which change so often I can’t keep up, but I still feel obligated to recommend what I think are the best new

The Sony and Minolta AF lens price guide has also been updated, although the prices now are close to what they were about a year ago when I last updated it, so no big deal.

Also, the Sony lens chart has been updated with the new lenses recently from Sony like the 16-50mm F/2.8 and 500mm F/4 G.  This page now covers only alpha lenses.

New NEX lens chart page on the NAV bar.  I’ve decided to list the NEX lenses on a separate page, in the same style as the Sony lens chart above, however, for this chart I’ll be showing NEX lenses from all manufacturers, like Sigma and Tamron.

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