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Canon Powershot G1X review   

Canon has brilliantly achieved what Sony tried so hard to do in 2005 with the R1, and that is to make a large sensor, fixed lens camera that provides the same image quality of a DSLR, at the same price point or less.  However, Canon had a design constraint that Sony never had to deal with; small size.  Today, there are many small mirrrorless camera systems out there with great image quality, like the Panasonic/Olympus 4/3, Samsung, and Sony NEX, plus the smaller sensor Nikon 1 system that isn’t quite as good as a DSLR, especially at high sensitivities.Unfortunately, the mirrorless designs out now have lenses that are almost as big as the cameras, or bigger!  The portability of these systems is seriously compromised when adding the lenses—whoops!  More pancake lenses please!  The Canon G1X fixes the size and lens issues, thereby eliminating any need to go out and buy more lenses for your interchangeable lens camera so you can take better pictures, or so one thinks…

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