2012.11 - Photo Jottings


Site now fully updated.

I’ve managed to get everything updated on this site in less time than I originally thought, which was by the end of the month!  So for now, all Sony lens reviews have the current price, a link to B&H Photo (of course), an MTF chart supplied by Sony, although who knows if they’re accurate, and any alternative lenses that I think someone might be interested in, like a less expensive Tamron or Sigma model, or even another Sony lens that might be a better fit.

All the other stuff I’ve updated is listed below.  Note; the prices listed in the Sony lens chart and NEX lens chart are the original MSRPs, that way we’ll know what the original prices were when the lens came out, I think it’s interested to know that.  The current prices are in the reviews if you want to know.  A few people thought I forgot to change some prices in the charts, but I added a paragraph (last one) in the text to point this out.

The long dead Reader’s Digest page has been deposited in the ‘circular file’, sorry, it just didn’t work out, but that’s what the new site is for!

More good things are coming up, so check back every so often!!

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