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Spring Lawn Care…in 1918.

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Here’s another picture from a set taken at Ware Brothers Sporting Goods and Hardware Store in Spokane Washington; this time featuring various lawn care products for you to consider.  It looks like this image was taken outside the store at night on one of their sidewalk window displays.  I think 125 Howard St might be the address at the time of these photographs.  The picture dates from approximately 1918.

Let’s peek inside and see what we have for sale.  There are two reel mowers; a ‘Reliable’ and ‘Hero’ brand, both ‘self adjusting’ and featuring ‘Ball Bearings’ in the reel mechanism I’m assuming.  Darn, I can’t read the hanging tags to check out the price.  It looks like both are made by the same company as the lettering font is the same.  How about that ‘kinkless’ molded hose for 13¢ a foot; hopefully it’s better than today’s kinkless hoses..  Check out the ‘Automatic Sprinkler’ that will sprinkle a large area without changing; I wonder how that works, it doesn’t appear that it travels like this one.

This image comes to us as a 5×7 glass plate negative, and one of about fourteen I purchased as a set a few years ago, all from Ware Brothers Sporting Goods and Hardware store in Spokane Washington.

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