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More samples from the Fuji GA645Zi

Here are a few E-6 (slide film) samples from the Fuji GA645Zi, reviewed here.  The Fuji medium format zoom correctly exposes slide film as well as the other versions, so no surprises there.  I’ve added the photos below to the review, but you can check them out here if you’ve already seen the review.

Also, I’ve slightly revised my assessment of the Olympus XA.  I was pretty hard on it at the time because I was reviewing the Olympus 35 SP, and Nikon 35Ti at the same time, and the little XA just didn’t have the same image qualities as the other two much more expensive cameras.

The list of 135 film keeps growing, the newest is Lomography Potsdam 100 B&W; judging by the samples, it doesn’t look like anything special for $8 a roll.  Go here for a complete list of B&W film, or color here.

Wai’ānapanapa State Park, nice trail along the rocks in the background; 55mm, F/8, 1/250sec.  Fuji Velvia 100.

Red Ginger at Hana; 55mm, F/8, 1/60sec.  Fuji Velvia 100.

Wai’ānapanapa State Park, scene is to the left of the third picture up; 90mm, F/16, 1/90sec.  Fuji Velvia 100.

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