March 4 2007 - Photo Jottings

March 4 2007


Coming up; a review of the Nikon 12-24mm F/4G ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom Nikkor lens!  If you’re looking for a super-wide angle zoom for your Nikon digital DX, this is it-at least with a Nikon nameplate.  Although not quite as wide as other company super-wides, it performs very well.  It’s 35mm equivalent is 18-36mm, and I’ve compared it to my Sony/Minolta 11-18mm, equal to 16.5-27mm.  This fancy Nikon lens will set you back a Grover Cleveland (that’s street parlance for a US one thousand dollar bill).  The review should be ready to face some massive scrutiny sometime this week, so check back each and every day!  Update: full review now ready, enter here.

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