February 27 2007 - Photo Jottings

February 27 2007


Now Sony enters the super zoom lineup along side Olympus, with two offerings that build from the current Sony H2 and H5.  The new H7 ($399) and H9 ($479) are basically the same, but the high-end H9 has a 3″ LCD and 230,000 pixels, with a flip out feature, and the H7 has a 2.5″ LCD static display.  Both feature 8MP sensors and a 15x zoom, equalling 31-465mm and will ship in May.  I’m not sure what Sony was thinking with the 31mm wide angle instead of the much more useful 28mm, but that’s just Sony lately.  Why not 28-420mm?  It looks like Olympus is already one step up on ’em.  Stay tuned as I work up a couple of Spec sheets for both cameras.  Specifications now available here.


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