March 5 2007 - Photo Jottings

March 5 2007


Olympus announces upgrades to their DSLR lineup.  First off, we have the E-510, now with a slightly larger body and sporting a 10mp sensor and CCD shift image stabilization—-finally!  Next up the little E-410, now being offered in the US, as the E-400 wasn’t—obviously in response to the Nikon D40 success.  The E-410 also offers 10mps, plus the live view (also on the E-510) coming from the ugly E-330 disaster.  This is supposedly the smallest DSLR on the market right now.

Hopefully, Olympus has made some advances in their high ISO noise reduction to complement the new sensor, why do I somehow think it will be even worse than the Sony a100?  Pricing for the E-410 is $699 body only and in stores by May.  The E-510 will retail for $799 body only starting in June.  I’ll work up a specification sheet for both in the next day or two.

Evolt E-510
Evolt E-410

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