March 31 2010 - Photo Jottings

March 31 2010


Done with Sony!  Believe it or not, I’ve reviewed every Sony DSLR lens.  Who knows when we’ll see anything new, maybe later in the year.  Of course I’ll be reviewing any new lenses or interesting cameras they do come out with.  In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of Minolta lenses to finish up on, and the Minolta 300mm F/4 coming this weekend.  I may start doing some of the newer type Sigma and Tamron lenses this summer.

Many people caught my flub about the Sony 300mm SSM G being a rebadged Minolta from the 1990s.  I had it right in the top “brief look” section, but failed to carry that info down to the introduction area.  I normally use a template of a similar review instead of building a whole new page for a new review, so in this case I forgot to change that information.  Thanks to the people who wrote so I could correct it.  It’s just me here writing, I do the entire review from start to finish and
take the pictures etc so there’s bound to be a mistake here and there.  I rely on you folks to catch that stuff.

I’ve updated the “coming soon” page to include what I have planned for the coming weeks.  Look for a page which lists all reviewed lenses, and a quick summation about each lens from your wonderful host.  Since I’ve used every Sony lens now, my thoughts and alternative recommendations may have changed slightly, depending on new lenses and additional usage of a lens.

Based on the popularity of the 300mm zoom and prime shoot out page, I’m going to do it again with a 200mm zoom comparison @200mm and see what happens.  I’m thinking the Minolta AF 100-200mm, 70-210mm F/4, 80-200mm shutter cap, and Sony 70-200mm, which is what I have on hand now.  Anyone have a Minolta AF 200mm F/2.8 to loan?  Look for a tele-converter addition to that 300mm zoom page also, maybe next week.

One last thing, I’m continuously updating the Lens price guide and have found prices for most lenses are trending downward, that’s no surprise though right?  I do see some of the more desirable Carl Zeiss and “G” stuff consistently bringing top dollar, all the more reason to buy good quality.
Spend your money on lenses, not cameras.

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