March 29 2010 - Photo Jottings

March 29 2010


The Sony 300mm F/2.8 SSM G review is now ready.  I got carried away with the product shots, so dial-up users be patient!  This lens turned in an overall stellar performance, and that should come as no surprise based on the cost.  You saw a small sample of what the lens is capable of if you visited this page.  Sony and Minolta people with plenty of money who want the best image quality in a telephoto lens should go ahead and buy it, please get it here if you do.  Chat room twits (or reviewers that take pictures of stamps) will love shooting test charts and newspapers with this lens at F/5.6, it’s extremely sharp and worthy of the hype.

I was able to review this lens because B&H Photo kindly allowed me to check it out with the intent of returning it, as I can’t afford this lens and was upfront with them about it.  I tried to get some readers to send me one, but they were somewhat reluctant, very understandable.  So thanks to B&H Photo for giving me about three weeks to fondle it.  Side note; cost for UPS to ship this item cross country with full insurance is well over $100.  I had an RMA, but I’m just pointing out it’s really expensive to ship a valuable item with full insurance.  All you eBayers out there that get mad at paying $20 shipping for an expensive lens or other item; please understand sellers are probably eating most of the cost of shipping to ensure good feedback and/or a positive experience.

Just for fun I added a paragraph in the first part of the review with prices for some of the accessories of the Sony 300mm SSM G lens, like the metal trunk, vinyl front cover, and the hood.  Speaking of which, if you should lose the hood, you might find yourself getting a part time job to pay for a replacement, no joke!  If you have no job, and a sign of the times I suppose, it would cost you roughly five or six weeks of unemployment checks! 

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