January 27 2014 - Photo Jottings

January 27 2014


Soon to be back in action!

Hello everyone!  It’s been quite some time since I last posted anything; and a long time since I posted anything meaningful.  I did not fall off a cliff, or decide to go find myself while traveling the world, I somewhat enjoy being lost all the time, and don’t have enough money to travel the world anyways.
Well, let’s get reacquainted shall we?  I’ve updated the site so it’s now relevant for people looking for all cameras and lenses made by Sony, except the fixed lens stuff, and I plan on posting a new page for those items soon.   The NEX stuff is now called ‘E’ mount, and includes the ‘FE’ full frame items along with aps-c.  You’ll notice the page names on the nav bar read, ‘E’ system, and ‘E’ mount lens chart.  Here you’ll find all ‘E’ mount lenses and cameras that Sony has produced since day one, and also some native ‘E’ mount lenses from Tamron, Sigma, and Rokinon etc.  All ‘FE’ full frame lenses are now at the top, and separate from APS-C.
The Recommended Cameras and lenses page still needs to be updated, plus a couple more pages. Unfortunately, I’ve had to reduce the number of items I recommended as some of them were getting stale, like the A77 and some sigma and Sony lenses.  I doubt I’ll be recommending any more traditional cameras and lenses as I don’t use them; the future is ‘E’ and ‘FE’.  Traditional cameras are still relevant for some people, but there just isn’t much excitement for me anymore.  I sold my Canon 5D III and will use the Sony A7R exclusively for all work in the coming months.
I updated the ‘useful links’ page, and added it again to the nav bar on the left, check it out here.
Even more important than the info above, is the future of the site.  I’m involved in totally updating another site called photojottings, it was up and running for a year or so, and I shut it down because I wasn’t happy with it, and it’s a mess right now while it’s being worked on.   It will eventually house all the pages on this site, but that will take some time as I have to manually copy and paste every text block, along with the thousands of images and tables.  I plan on an initial roll-out without all the pages from this site, but I’m not sure when.
Lastly, I’ve been having some health issues related to doing too much work on the computer. Shooting all day and processing at night for hours on end has taken a big toll on my shoulder and arms, and I may not be able to be very active in this field if I don’t improve soon.  In the event of a business shut down, I will still be doing this site, except there will be some changes….more to come next week!

The new Sigma 60/2.8 lenses are in stock, Sony NEX black or silver versions are available, plus MFT users, here and here.  I put my order in for a black Sony NEX version.

Sony A77 with verticle battery grip starting at $898!!

Full frame users might want to check out the sale on the Bower 35/1.4, it’s the same lens as I tested here, only called Rokinon.

Other items for your consideration: Sony A58 with kit lens, $548, and the Rokinon 8mm fisheye for $229, I tested the Vivitar branded version, now discontinued.  If you’re looking for a great fisheye for your NEX camera, check this review out.

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