February 3 2014 - Photo Jottings

February 3 2014


Thoughts of the future 

So here’s the follow up to the last two paragraphs of the post below about the future of the site.  First: I have a lot of knowledge I want to share; of course I’ll be reviewing all the new Sony lenses, but more importantly, I’ll be adding more useful stuff such as interior lighting tutorials, correct multiple image stitching for extreme high resolution and super large print jobs, film scanning and the differences in a good flatbed (Epson V700 etc) and a good film scanner (Nikon
9000 etc) and editing tips in lightroom and my new favorite masking and layering software—onOnesoftware’s perfect photo suite; it’s much easier than photoshop!
To present all this information correctly I need to be able to present very large sample images; I can’t do it here, the site won’t allow it, so I need a new site that will, and it will be photojottings, using wordpress.  Presently, I’m trying hard to port all the pages over to the new site, but this is taking too long.  Maybe I can find a way to do it quicker, and that’s being looked in to!  If I can’t get
all the pages over to the new site within this month, I’m going to just roll out the new site without any of the page located here, and start the new site from scratch and add these pages as I get time.
Funding for this, and the new site.  As I’ve explained in the last post, I have some health issues from being too busy with my photography business, mainly arm and shoulder problems from thousands of hours of tedious photoshop work over the past year or two, so I’m going to significantly back off on my business for at least this year, (I’m an interiors photographer in Tucson, AZ).  However, I will still be adding to the site, but all will not be free; I plan on a premium content area within the site to post the most useful info, especially interior lighting tutorials.  Most people will probably not be interested in this aspect of photography, but there isn’t much information out there for people that are, and I get plenty of mail requesting help with this.  More on this topic in the next week or two.
The reason I’m trying to monetize the site is to make up the loss of income from doing less business.  For those of you that think I have plenty of ads and product links, it isn’t what it seems.  Currently, most of my visitors come from Europe where Minolta/Sony is quite popular, unfortunately, most don’t buy through my B&H Photo links, so there isn’t much money in that, and let’s no even mention the google adsense stuff, that’s a joke, it won’t even pay my hosting and updating fees like getting someone to fix problems on the site etc.  This site is still a hobby for me, and I like that, but I want it to be a great source for people that are serious about technics and gear, and that will mean spending much more time adding to the site, with a more business like approach.
Next week I’ll try to give more details on the interior photography tutorials.  Also, I’ll post some thoughts on the Sony ‘A’ mount, the new Sony FE system, the Sony ‘E’ APS-C system, and micro four thirds.  I use all four, and have been most impressed with the MFT system, but the new FE gear
may change things.
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