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H. E. Geist Slide Sorter review


Now you can sort your slides the easy way…with the new  Slide Sorter.   Saves your eyes, saves your nerves, saves your time…Just plug into light socket!

So says the box on the Slide Sorter.  My Dad bought this in the mid 1950s for viewing his Kodachromes, and he took such good care of it you would think it was brand new.  It’s a very simple devise consisting of a rounded metal rod stand, a thin sheet aluminum underside with cardboard ends showing the branding, an acrylic translucent top, a medium base incandescent 40w frosted tube bulb underneath, with a simple on/off switch.  It really makes it easy to view your ‘slides’ or any transparencies.  The box also reminds you of other uses for the sorter such as; retouching negatives, mimeograph stenciling, silhouette tracing and opaquing negatives.

I’ve been using my computer screen for quick slide checks, but it isn’t bright enough for critical inspection.  The Slide Sorter is better, and more convenient for multiple slides.  The bulb is about 4″ long, with a six foot cord.  Both can be replace easily by going to any Home or Hardware store.  There is enough room underneath for using a regular bulb, or LED, etc.  Just remember to keep the color and brightness of the bulb to what looks natural when viewing the slides, but beware of heat generated by the bulb, if left on a long time it could ruin your top and slides.

That’s it for the Slide Sorter review.



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