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Fuji Superia 1600 samples

Here are a few samples from Fuji’s Superia ISO 1600 film (B&H Amazon eBay).  When shooting with film this fast in 135 format, you can pretty much count on some grainy images and low resolution; so my expectations were low from the get-go, and obviously it’s the first time I’ve used this film. However, after a quick scan of the negatives, I was surprised at the quality.  Grain is noticeable, but not objectionable in my opinion, and the color held up well too. Also noticeable is the excellent exposure latitude.  This isn’t cheap film, it’s almost $10 in the US for a roll of 36. Of course, developing is standard C-41, so any reputable film developing lab can do this.

Below are some full size samples, all hand-held using a small Nikon 35Ti point and shoot camera.


  • Very dark here, F/2.8, camera and boat movement.
  • F/4
  • Probably F/11 here
  • F/2.8, quite dark here
  • flash on, F/2.8
  • F/2.8, window shopping


Click yellow tabs Below to download the full size images. All are 3000 pixels wide on the long end, which is plenty to show the full resolution, nothing extra is gained by scanning at a higher rate.

I accidentally hit the ‘panorama’ switch on the Nikon 35Ti I was using, so it went into the idiotic slit-pan mode and about half my images were cut in half, next time I’ll tape over the switch. I think the switch moved as I pulled the camera out of the bag with other stuff crammed in.  When in panorama mode, the camera cuts off the upper and lower parts of the image using metal blades, it does not extend the image horizontally for a capture area like a Hassleblad  Xpan.

Harbor boat scene it was really dark out, and I tried to steady the camera on a railing, I did a decent job holding the camera for a second or two, however, the shutter speed was long enough that the boats are blurry as the waves came in. F/2.8, about 1-2 seconds.

Green Pier scene the sun was down for several minutes. F/4 and probably about 1/30 sec shutter speed, the person walking is not blurred.

Hillside homes sunny scene with a shutter speed of 1/250s, and about F/11 so maybe a couple stops over exposed.

Beach and fire  It’s dark enough here to see the bonfire shadows from the trash cans on the boards below the fence. F/2.8, 1/30.

Resort house I used the flash on this one, and it lite up the center planters and tables to the right fairly well. After sunset dark shot. F/2.8, 1.30s with flash.

Jellyfish lamp  Window shopping here. Lamp about 4-5 (1.5m) feet away, nice blurred background. F/2.8, 1/30s.

I’m impressed with this film, it’s great for hand-held use with 35mm cameras, as I said in the beginning, it looks pretty darn good for this small format negative, I wish they made it in 120/220!

Try some of Fuji’s Superia ISO 1600 film (B&H Amazon eBay) and help support the site, thanks!

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