Kodak Moment #5 Two for one in Charlevoix - Photo Jottings

Kodak Moment #5 Two for one in Charlevoix

see larger image here

Here’s a two-shot film panorama I took years ago showing a stone wall from the lower level of a home, extending to the adjoining property as a retaining wall.  I thought the use of materials and design were pretty cool, that’s why I took the snaps. This is another Charlevoix Michigan neighborhood scene, more from this series here and here.  Supposedly, the home on the left was built on the foundation of the barn for the famous Earle Young masterpiece and original ‘mushroom’ home.

This photo was stitched together in photoshop and then cropped.  Back in the day I simply used a divider in the picture frame after cutting the prints to make them line up correctly.

The camera was a Minolta 7000 with kit 35-70mm F/4 lens, review here, (check eBay) probably at 35mm, using Kodak Gold 100 film, and recently scanned with a Nikon Coolscan 9000.

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