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Junk Yard Event

If you want to check out this junkyard in-person, you might not be able to see it from inside the fence.  It’s purported the owner is a surly fellow, who may not be willing to give you a tour, or allow you to “browse.”  You can walk around the fence and take pictures all you want.  The best time is…

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Lens Review Methods and Terminology

Below is an explanation of my review methods and terminology.  Hopefully this will help clear up any questions you may have concerning how I test a lens.  I set up this page the same as a regular lens review, so if you want testing information about something in a certain part of a lens review, go to the same section

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Minolta AF Lens Manuals

Below are scanned images of original Minolta AF lens manuals.  I have English and French so far.  If you have original Minolta AF lens manuals in languages other than what you see here, or for different lenses, please send a message if you’d like to help by sending scanned copies as PDFs.


The Minolta AF lens manual front covers …

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Sony and Minolta Off-Camera Flash

This post is seriously outdated.  I no longer use most of the equipment here except occasionally the Sony/Minolta HVL-F56AM flashes.

If you’re thinking of trying out an inexpensive radio controlled flash trigger system for your camera, you’ve come to the right place.  I currently use the radiopopper™ JrX wireless trigger system, and have found it works great, so that’s

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