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Photojottings (3.0) is a website about film and digital Photography started in 2011, and was originally built as a compliment to this site, which I started in 2006. Unfortunately, your host and editor, Kurt Munger, ran out of time trying to update two websites, and decided to ax Photo Jottings (1.0, and 2.0) about a year or two later.  Due to technical limitations on my original site, (, I will now be working on Photojottings only.

Photojottings will continue to grow and become more useful with each passing month.  By the end of 2017, I should have most of the Sony ‘E’ mount lenses reviewed, plus a few others like Zeiss, Sigma Rokinon etc.  I do have plans (looks like later in 2017) for a series of interior photography tutorials, with an initial emphasis on Real Estate type work.

I’m also starting to post reviews of some of my old film cameras from my collection, which BTW, is getting ridiculously large; time to review and sell off a few!

It’s just me here; I do everything on the site in my spare time.  I’m an Interiors Photographer by trade, and keep very busy in Tucson Arizona.  Go here to find the best pages, and be sure not to miss the endless observations and comments, (sometimes hidden away), so read carefully, and don’t take me too seriously.  Thanks for stopping by!

The fastest and most likely way to get a response from me is to leave a comment at the bottom of the post and I’ll  try my best to answer.  If you want to post one of my photos to your website, or license an image, or ask me something weird, contact me via the form below.

Thanks for visiting Photojottings!

– Your wonderful host, Kurt.

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