August 23 2007 - Photo Jottings

August 23 2007


Nikon finally intoduces their two newest big guns, a full frame D3, and the D300.  Check out the D3 immediately below, then the D300.  Look at larger pictures of the two cameras here.

NIKON D3 Full Frame.

  • In addition to being a very handsome camera, check out the specs for the new Nikon D3.
  • 12.1mp
  • 3.0″ LCD with a staggering 920,000 pixels!!!
  • Full frame sensor, 23.9x36mm FX format.
  • A/D conversion, 14 bit.
  • Can use DX lenses, camera automatically adjusts.
  • ISO 200-6400 or boost to 100-25600.
  • Image processor, Nikon EXPEED.
  • $4999 US, ships 11-07

  • The Nikon D300 gets some nice upgrades, many are the same as the D3 above.
  • 12.3mp DX CMOS sensor.
  • ISO 200-3200, boost to 100-6400.
  • 3.0″ LCD, 920,000 pixels, same as the D3.
  • Fast burst rate at 6fps up to 100 images in the Large/normal setting, up to 8fps with the optional battery grip.
  • Weather sealing, like the D200.
  • HDMI port for HD viewing.
  • $1799 US, on sale 11-07.

Also, Nikon introduces five new lenses, a 14-24mm F/2.8, 24-70mm F/2.8, 400mm F/2.8 VR, 500mm F/4 VR, and finally, the 600mm F/4 VR.

Last, but not least, Olympus spews releases eight new cameras, including the upgrade to the SP-550, the SP-560!  Really!  Is that for real?  They’ve added an 8mp sensor and some processing gimmicks.  Oh, and the new 18x zoom range is 27-486mm, I guess they’re using a larger sensor, 1/2.35?  Sound familiar? Like Fuji? Sorry, no photos or specs yet.

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