August 21 2007 - Photo Jottings

August 21 2007


Canon ready to dump 8 new cameras on the market.  Go here for nice product photos and a short description.  I’ll post spec sheets in a couple of days.  I find two to be of interest, the 40D and G9, unfortunately, I probably won’t be reviewing either one.  Somehow, the G9 and A-series downgrades are resisting the wide angle trend, like starting at 28mm instead of 35mm or 36mm.  Maybe I’m one of the few that really enjoys wide angle.

Important news for Sony lovers;  Sony announces a new 12.47 CMOS APS-C sized sensor, capturing 10fps, most likely aimed at a new Sony DSLR.  I’m not sure whether it’ll be for an entry level camera, or a Mid-grade to take on the Canon 40D.  Sony has fronted an mid-grade, semi-professional type DSLR, plus what looks to be a full frame or non-APS-C type DSLR last march at the PMA show in Las Vegas.  I suspect an announcement will come before the end of the year. Keep in mind Sony was the first to come out with a budget 10mp DSLR.

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