August 26 2007 - Photo Jottings

August 26 2007


Everyone who has visited one of my lens reviews should revisit soon, as I have surreptitiously updated every review with the following:

  • All lens reviews (except Nikon) have now been updated using the 10.2mp Sony A100, the 6.1mp Konica Minolta 5D will be shelved.
  • All new product shots, including box contents in the US market.
  • Sharp center photo comparisons, and photos to back up my results on distortion.
  • All macro images have been re-shot with the Sony A100, except for the Nikon reviews.
  • Nikon reviews will be basically the same, as in shot with the 6.1mp D40.  Keep that in mind when comparing.
After I got to looking at my older product photos, I was pretty amazed at how crappy poor they were.  That’s one of my reasons for working over the original reviews.  I also though I might use more images to back up my results, making the review more meaningful and useful.

I have five more lens reviews coming up, I’ll start it off with the repaired Sigma DC 18-50mm F/2.8 EX macro, which I hope to have ready in a week.  Then (not necessarily in the following order) I have the Sony 24-105mm F/3.5-4.5 zoom, plus the two Sony re-branded models; the 18-200mm and the 11-18mm.  Don’t forget the Sigma 10-20mm wide angle that I’ll compare with the Sony 11-18mm.  They’ll be ready in September.

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